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Welcome to the Coffee Time Shop!

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“Bringing the World to Your Doorstep” since 1987

Where our passion began

A word from our founder… CJ Erickson

I LOVE COFFEE! There, I’ve said it! And, I bet, you do too…that’s why you are here!

I’ve drunk coffee for as long as I can remember. As a child, my Great Aunts would give me “French-style” coffee (aka Café Au Lait). This was the way their Belgian mom, my Great-Grand Mother, made it for them when they were tiny tots. She would pour steamed milk into a bowl or deep saucer and then add a small amount of freshly brewed coffee to the milk…just enough to give it color. So, that is how I was raised, too!

As I grew up, I drank my coffee with milk or heavy cream, then I switched over to coffee with milk and sugar, and now I drink my coffee mostly black…but I must admit, I do love my Café Mocha, too!

While dating my husband, we sampled a different flavor of coffee nearly every evening after dinner. Some we liked and some…well, let’s just say that some flavors were only consumed once!

To this day I love trying new coffees from different regions of the country. And I have discovered so many different flavors (some natural, some created) that are so refreshing and unique. Therefore, I would like to share my coffee knowledge and these awesome finds with you, my fellow coffee connoisseurs!

What makes our company special?

The Coffee Time Shop is the ultimate, one-stop-shop to learn about coffee & buy from organic, “small-batch”, “fair-trade” roasters that use their profits to help others in philanthropic ways.

We are a privately owned and operated business located in sunny Pinellas County Florida. We strive to find the best organic coffee farmers in the world who also give back to others! And we, too, give a portion of our profits back to charitable organizations and philanthropic causes to help better the world!

By shopping with us at the Coffee Time Shop it is a win for you, a win for the farmers, and a win for all of the charitable organizations to which we and the farmers contribute.

What are our coffee ‘values’?

Our goal is to help you find your perfect coffee blends and java drinks!

From your first cup of coffee in the morning to your last cup at night, you should enjoy each and every sip! That is why the Coffee Time Shop was created.

In addition, we hope we can expand your coffee horizons and develop your palate by providing you with information about different coffee styles, as well as different types of beans and roasting processes that go into making unique and flavorful coffee blends that you might want to try.

And lastly, we want to be your go-to resource to find and purchase those delicious organic, ‘small-batch’ coffee bean blends so you can become your own at-home barista!

Please enjoy browsing our website and trying out our coffees and recipes. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact page…………

Here’s to you and great coffee!

C.J. Erickson & The Coffee Time Shop Team

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